iOS developer (France)


About SightCall

Since 2008, SightCall has been improving the communication of enterprises like never before. Harnessing the transformational power of AI, our visual assistance platform blends the physical and digital worlds to create a collaborative environment that empowers our customers to meet challenging tasks with confidence and new insight. SightCall is a proven solution for businesses seeking to delight customers and improve field service efficiencies in a connected, mobile-first world.

Working for SightCall means discovering what our employees already know: SightCall is an exciting place to be. Our company is at the forefront of visual assistance technology and we are digitally transforming the workforce on a global scale. A career at SightCall means your everyday work will make a lasting impact on the way customer service and field service are handled around the world.

iOS developer

As for all the position in SightCall, our iOS dev should have a very technical mindset, with an appetence for low level development (development on our sdk, use of camera api, binding with a C library etc), architectural decisions, and a good level in Objective C (90% of our codebase).

There is a lot of exciting development going on at Sightcall, including AR, AI, code optimization to improve the stability of the product, and we are always looking at what Apple is doing to implement new features asap.

You will join a team of smart people working all around the world.

What you’ll be doing:

As one of our SightCall iOS dev, you will help our SightCall iOS team to develop projects from start to finish.

You will be responsible for the development of new features/app and the improvement of our actual sdk:

·       working with the product team to help define the projects

·       implementing the solution either in our sdk or in a new app

·       work closely with the android team to keep the product aligned on both platforms

·       stay up to date with your platform to propose new features when something new appears on the iOS platform

·       driving development timelines by planning key deliverables, milestones and dependencies




What you bring to the table:

–       Experience: You have 3+ years of work experience as an iOS developer. Preferably, you have experience in a start-up or in any Tech company working on a very technical solution.


–       Stack used by the company you have to know:


o   Objective C

o   Swift

o   Git



–       Soft skills we are looking for in SightCall:

o   Team player: you have a strong ability to work in a dynamic and changing environment, you are able to work collaboratively with other team members

o   Cross-cultural spirit: You think that diversity is a real chance and you are comfortable working with people from different professional and cultural backgrounds,

o   You have strong analytical skills and are considered as a creative problem solver.


–       Languages: Excellent communication skills, fluent in English.


–       Academic Background: nothing specific required


What we’re offering:

We’re looking to hire team members invested in creating a career. Whether you are looking to launch a new career in sales or grow an existing one, SightCall is dedicated to helping you become a successful representative! Here is what we’re offering:

·       Remote work – hybrid

·       Laptop provided

·       Competitive base pay