TL;DR We’re looking for experienced Dev Ops engineers to help scale our fleet of Linux IoT devices used to operate and control renewable energy assets – Large Scale Solar PV, Battery Storage, and advanced plant control.

Solar Operations Solutions, LLC is a full-service Utility Scale PV Solar O&M service provider and technology solutions developer. The goal of our services and products is to enable a clean energy future by providing tools to make operating and owning solar PV power plants more reliable, more affordable, and easier.

The development department of Solar-Ops builds hardware and software products to operate and maintain utility-scale Solar PV power plants. Software tools include modern web technologies (HTML/Javascript/CSS), databases, scripting and object-oriented languages like Python and C++, Linux-based CPUS, and PLC or ladder-logic code. Solar-Ops also assembles and configures the hardware to deploy these programs by building control panels and metering and relay enclosure cabinets.

A Dev Ops engineer will support the mass deployment, monitoring, and security of our application at renewable energy facilities across the country. Implement secure remote access strategies, network configuration, and system resiliency strategies to allow us to deploy 100s of instances/year.

We are looking for support to improve all aspects of our product lifecycle:

-Bulk installation of application on Linux Edge Computers

-Configuration and management of cell modems for remote access including VPN, SSH Tunnels, Certificates

-Automatic fleet update deployment and monitoring

-System status (SD capacity, CPU and RAM load, etc.) and reporting

-Cloud infrastructure management – AWS, Linode, PostgreSQL, Docker