TL;DR We’re looking for developers interested in using their experience in Python, Linux, and web development to build tools that enable the future of energy – Large Scale Solar PV, Battery Storage, and advanced plant control.

Solar Operations Solutions, LLC is a full-service Utility Scale PV Solar O&M service provider and technology solutions developer. The goal of our services and products is to enable a clean energy future by providing tools to make operating and owning solar PV power plants more reliable, more affordable, and easier.

The development department of Solar-Ops builds hardware and software products to operate and maintain utility-scale Solar PV power plants. Software tools include modern web technologies (HTML/Javascript/CSS), databases, scripting and object-oriented languages like Python and C++, Linux-based CPUS, and PLC or ladder-logic code. Solar-Ops also assembles and configures the hardware to deploy these programs by building control panels and metering and relay enclosure cabinets.

A systems developer at Solar-Ops will use full-stack web technologies along with back-end scripting languages to build industry leading tools to monitor and control Solar PV power plants.