Szallas Group is the largest Online Travel Agency in the CEE region. Engineers will join agile product teams to deliver customer value and improve their dev environment. We have an ambitious plan to scale and need creative professionals to design new product features. Lets talk!

You will work on the front-end system of the platform and admin interfaces of Hungarian companies of Szallas Group: szallas.hu or maiutazas.hu.
Collaborate with product managers and business owners to ensure that the product meets the predefined budget and planning.
Resolves issues quickly and keeps up to date with current and emerging technologies, standards and trends.

Your daily tasks
1 Planning new projects together
2 Developing new features
3 Active participation in the development of current processes
4 Active participation in daily standup
5 Investigating and improving bug reports
6 Perform code review tasks

We work in a hybrid fashion, giving space for focused creation as well as for team collaboration, we spend fews days in the office and also few days off-site during a week. Our environment includes Git/GitLab, scrum teams, unit and automated tests, and flexible QA processes. We join for team work in our Budapest or Miskolc offices and welcome team members from a remote location as well if necessary.