About the Company

TDK Trusted Positioning is a world leader in sensor software solutions that enable navigation and positioning in areas where traditional wireless systems, such as GNSS, do not work. TDK Trusted Positioning is focused on creating sensor software solutions that provide continuous, accurate and affordable navigation and context for smartphones, wearables, vehicles, drones, robots, or anything else that moves. Our vision is to provide positioning everywhere by sensing everything.

Become part of the TDK Trusted Positioning team and enjoy working on exciting leading-edge navigation technologies for a variety of platforms.


About the Job:

We are looking for a person who is confident in their work, with limited instruction, to create SQA processes and automate test procedures wherever possible. This position will work along other software developers to create automation processes to evaluate web dashboard and algorithm test cases.



o   Debug and test software for QA and optimization related tasks

o   Create and implement automation strategies for quality assurance

o   Write automated unit tests to ensure software stability.

o   Identify application bottlenecks and recommend optimizations.

o   Manage the application of a defined SDLC process

o   Apply methods, procedures, and tools to integrate assurance practices into lifecycle phases

o   Apply risk assessment techniques to identified threats.




•                     3+ years experience preferred.

•                      Degree or Diploma geomatics engineering, software engineering, electrical engineering, or related technical field

•                     Experience in Software Quality Assurance (SQA)



Knowledge & skills required:

•                      C and/or Python programming experience

•                      Knowledge of software testing, reliability, and quality practices

•                      Knowledge of architecture design principles

•                      Knowledge of API and linked-library design

•                      Familiarity with Keil, gcc, and other tool chains

•                      Familiarity Selenium, and other testing platforms

•                      Familiarity with SonarQube

•                      Familiarity with Jenkins and integration with other software platforms

•                      Familiarity with SDLC process (AGILE, Waterfall, etc)

•                      Strong motivation to solve problems and learn

•                      Ability to communicate clearly, share ideas, and teach others

•                      Ability to work independently with minor instruction on SQA activities

•                     Knowledge of database design (key-value, relational, document, analytics)

•                     Knowledge of networking protocols and security (TCP, UDP, TLS)


Nice to Have:

•                     Knowledge of embedded or distributed systems

•                     Experience with git/github