About TeraWatt Infrastructure

The once in a century technology transition from combustion engines to electricity for transport will require a multi-trillion dollar investment in energy and charging infrastructure, and real estate that accommodates these uses over the next decade.  This transformation is rapidly accelerating, and TeraWatt is the leader in developing, financing, owning and operating the charging solutions and infrastructure that will change how goods and people move.

To facilitate this transition for clients, TeraWatt delivers end-to-end charging solutions, with the infrastructure to support it, at scale.  Whether for an urban mobility hub, a last mile fleet operator, or long-haul electric trucking, TeraWatt brings the talent, capabilities, and capital to create reliable, cost-effective solutions for customers on the leading edge of the transition to zero carbon transport.

With a growing portfolio of properties currently spanning 18 states in key transportation corridors and logistics hubs, TeraWatt is building the permanent electric vehicle charging infrastructure of tomorrow through a robust combination of property assets, financing capabilities, and infrastructure and energy management solutions. The company develops, finances, owns, and operates charging solutions that take the cost and complexity out of electrifying fleets. With a business model based on well-established economics of renewable energy project development and a proven real estate strategy, TeraWatt was founded, in the absence of anything like it, to be the nation’s trusted and reliable, long-term partner in the inevitable transition to all-electric transportation. With the transition to electrification of transport imminent, now is the time to develop these assets.

At TeraWatt, we execute humbly and with urgency to provide energy and charging solutions that delight our clients and support the transition to clean, electrified transport.

Impact to Climate Change:
Transportation creates 23% of all greenhouse gas emissions each year. According to many experts, electrifying transportation is priority #1 to reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and thus the impact to Climate Change. By electrifying fleets, we can mitigate more than 70% of mobility CO2 urban emissions, remove 50% of city air pollution, and help fleet operators meet Net Zero commitments.

Role Description:
Each EV fleet has different requirements such as availability, electricity capacity, smart charging, clean energy, and energy cost requirements. At each charging depot, there could be hundreds of charging stations, each with its own charging management vendors to enable the fleet to operate.

The Company is creating first of its kind EV charging solutions and products for the newly developing mobility, heavy trucking and fleet electric vehicle market. We are building an integrated software platform for charging depot operations that can interoperate with multiple heterogeneous charging systems that best meet the needs of TeraWatt’s fleet customer requirements, while delivering clean and reliable electric fueling.

TeraWatt’s software platform requires a flexible data lake architecture, integration with charging and renewable energy solutions, and the related data products for machine learning models.

If you are a Back-End Integrations Engineer or Backend Software Engineer, looking to make a material contribution to the health of our planet while a career game changing experience, who has a background in any of the following: data engineering, backend API design, machine learning engineering, or scalable third party integration patterns, this opportunity could be a perfect fit.

What you will get to do:

  • Create novel/first of its kind solutions with a mission driven organization to make a contribution to help solve climate change.
  • Work on a team that believes in product focused engineering and bottom up engineering culture that encourages inclusion and ideas from diverse backgrounds.
  • Design, and build integrations to multiple EV charging system platforms for consolidating data into the data platform (data lake and data warehouses) for billing, analytic, modeling, and ML purposes.
  • Build integrations to multiple third party data APIs such as energy, telematic and utility data services.
  • Identify third-party solutions to expedite and improve the TeraWatt software platform and end customer fleet operational experience.
  • Own the day to day relationship between TeraWatt and third party integrations partners for support purposes.

Preferred Qualifications:

  • At least 3 years of hands-on experience as an Engineer in software systems design and development across multiple environments on distributed polyglot systems using Java, Kotlin, Python or similar languages.
  • Desire to build new solutions, including in coordination with third party software services.

Nice to Haves:

  • Knowledge of Docker, cloud based services and Kubenetes.
  • Past role at software company or internal departments working with utility data, energy generation data, electric vehicle or fleet data, or vehicle telematics.
  • Understanding of electric utility tariff rates and billing concepts as well as electric vehicle charging data sets.
    EV owner, a plus.