Job Title: Software Engineer Intern
If interested, please send your resume to: hr@thinksense.com

Description: ThinkSense is an innovative company focused on developing and enhancing digital
biomarker technologies. We are seeking enthusiastic, highly motivated and self-starter candidates who
excel in independent and cooperative environments. The candidate will be responsible for software
design, development, continuous improvement, and bug fixes. The position requires the developer to
play a role in architectural decisions, prioritize and plan tasks, and develop code that interfaces with
sensors. The candidate is expected to be avid to collaborate and learn on the fly in a fast-paced and
early startup environment.


  • Design and implement algorithms related to real time processing of sensor data and their fusion
    toward the desired goal
  • Integration of various implementations onto real embedded systems such as the Qualcomm
    Snapdragon family of devices
  • Implement the algorithms on different target platforms, including low power embedded
  • This position requires a background in sensor signal processing and system level integration
  • Evaluate performance of new algorithms
  • Provide technical reports and documents
  • Work closely with other members of the team to ensure robust code is created
  • Perform software development in C/C++, Python, and other languages
  • Identify requirements, scope solutions, estimate work, schedule deliverables


  • Master’s degree or PhD in Computer Science/Electrical and Computer Engineering or related
  • Strong in C/C++ programming skills
  • Experience to access and program the various peripheral devices available on embedded
    systems such as digital signal processors (DSP) to affect efficient integration of algorithms
  • Excellent debugging and optimizing skills
  • Experience in Shell, Linux, and Protocol Buffers
  • Strong mathematics and analytical skills
  • Ability to read and review other developer’s code
  • Good attention to detail and documentation
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills to discuss issues and potential solutions with other groups and personnel
  • Cross-team collaboration skills and strong passion to collaborate in a team of researchers and developers
  • Immediate start for an internship with the minimum duration of 3 months with the potential for further extension


  • Experience in the Smart Products & IoT area
  • Experience in applying statistical tools and machine learning to formulate and solve wireless/connectivity, sensing, IoT problems
  • Intellectual curiosity and passion about learning new technologies