Why is Systems Engineering/DevOps important at Ticketmaster?

Systems Engineers (SEs) are responsible for the overall reliability of Ticketmaster infrastructure and products. SREs design and implement the tools that automate building reliable systems.  You will be supporting a high-volume 24×7 production environment, as well as development and test environments. You will be maintaining a large number of Linux servers, writing tools to automate both routine and complex tasks, and troubleshooting application and infrastructure issues. The position includes close collaboration with development teams to design a scalable and supportable service-oriented architecture.
What are some examples of Site Reliability Engineering work at TM?

Work with software engineering teams on design and implementation choices of large-scale distributed systems
Automate as much as humanly possible
Build technology solutions that support hundreds of thousands of simultaneous users
Always configure as code
Bring ideas to life (i.e. production)
Figure out what is going to break and when
Advocate for reliable design patterns (circuit breakers, graceful degradation, etc.)
Some examples of SRE projects are:

Migrating from on-premise private cloud to AWS.
Building out enterprise class monitoring and central logging solutions for over 20K systems supporting 150 products and services.
Creating templates, standards, processes/workflows to enable product and development to be self sufficient
The following experience is relevant to us:

Automation Expertise
CI/CD Pipeline automation leveraging tools like Jenkins, Rundeck, Sonar, TravisCI
CMS such as Puppet/Chef/Salt/CFEngine
Container technologies such as Docker and Amazon ECS
Kubernetes; Kafka
AWS – AMI management, BODO, Cloudwatch, Cloudtrails
Enterprise Monitoring such as DataDog, Sumologic, ScienceLogic
Managing Large Scale environments
Log analytics such as ELK or Splunk
Developing solutions via code
Testing suites such as Selenium, Gatling
Languages such as Python, Ruby, Go
Our job descriptions evolve with our business need and priorities. In addition to the description above, your role may include additional projects and team support as needed.