As a front end software engineer you will create the next-generation campaign management systems and tools. Our products is used on a daily basis by campaign managers, agencies and advertisers to control their entire campaign lifecycle, track campaign status and improve their key results

Our ambition is to hide the complexity of campaign management behind the scenes and provide a simple yet powerful UI to our users. As a front end engineer, you will work on both the client side and also the server side to create an optimal solution to answer the product requirements

About Ubimo

Founded in 2013, Ubimo is a leading mobile programmatic platform, designed for the ever changing context of consumers on the go. Ubimo’s self-service offering leverages mobile-centric data such as places, weather and local events, together with first party data, to build a true understanding of real-time moments. With Ubimo, brands can now connect with their audiences real-world experiences, delivering relevant messages where and when they're most effective.