Zenika is a European firm with 300 employees spread across seven offices in Europe and Asia.

We are a software development company whose mission is to drive change via IT innovation. Our activity is based on a triple competence:

– Project development  – Consulting  – Training

Our consultants are passionate developers who are always searching beyond the horizon of current trends. Many of them have written books, do open-source contributions, teach classes and speak at popular meet-ups and conferences.

The name “Zenika” is an anagram of “kaizen”, a Japanese business philosophy based on continuous improvement of working practices.

In 2017, Zenika has been awarded 3rd Great Place To Work for companies with less than 500 Employees. We have managed to create a great company culture.

Our mindset

At Zenika, we believe that teaching and doing software development go together. Our consultants typically work on a consulting engagement most of their time and have one week every 2 months dedicated to teaching (see the courses we teach on our training page – http://www.zenika.sg/training-information/).

Your skillset

The projects we currently work on involve:

– a Java backend (using Hibernate, Spring, Spring MVC, Maven…)
– A Javascript front-end (AngularJS, React…)
– Transversal tools such as Docker and ElasticSearch