About Statflo

Raise your hand if you have a phone. Keep it up if you love dealing with account changes, bills, accessories, upgrades, call centres and retail store staff.

Statflo works to keep those hands up! Our vision is to build the conversation layer for any data that allows personal and authentic relationships to fix what’s missing in retail today.

What we do:

  • Engage retail staff by gamifying their day to day experience - making it easy for them to hit their goals and stay more engaged at work
  • Enable stores to stay in touch with local prospects and past customers using messaging or phone
  • Train and motivate retail teams to improve their culture and hold people accountable to provide amazing customer service, every time

Why it matters:

  • Bots are everywhere, and they suck : we’re the human, personal solution
  • Ecommerce is making retail boring at best and frustrating at worst
  • Millions of retail workers are handed a broom or become Facebook-scrolling zombies during the 8 hours they are idle each week. We empower them to increase sales instead
  • Millions of customers of wireless carriers and technology retailers want a better customer experience that is personal, proactive and consistent
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    • Posted 4 years ago