Developer Spotlight: May


Alan Flores, .NET Developer • Monterrey, Mexico

For this month’s developer spotlight, we interviewed Alan Flores, who was hired this year at HackerX Monterrey in January.

HackerX: How was your HackerX experience?

It was amazing, it’s a wonderful experience and you’re exposed to so many in the IT industry. I went with the intention to network and meet a lot of people and HackerX does just that!

HackerX: What were you expecting from an event like ours and were your expectations met?

I went into HackerX Monterrey wanting to network and meet a lot of people, both companies and fellow developers. HackerX met my expectations that I was able to network with companies and also talk to devs while waiting to talk to companies.

HackerX: What was your main objectives of attending HackerX and did you achieve it?            

I went to meet a lot of people in IT and I did it!

HackerX: How did you feel, during the event, what did you learn from it, and how is it relevant to to your job search/ career, life in general?

It’s an amazing experience because it gives you the opportunity to be exposed to many different kinds of companies and makes it possible to have a chance to work in the company you want to work.

HackerX, Montreal// January 31, 2018

HackerX: Would you recommend HackerX to others, and what tips and advice would you give future attendees?

Plan beforehand an answer to possible questions recruiters could be asking you. Be yourself and have fun!


Bubenik is currently working at NEORIS as an IT Software Developer. You may also check him out on LinkedIn.

About HackerX:

HackerX is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for developers to meet with and learn more about some of the world’s most innovative and fastest growing companies — in a casual environment, face to face. More than just a recruitment event, HackerX is also a social networking platform for all attendees no matter which side of the table you’re on.

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