HackerX Goes to Russia

What is HackerX?
HackerX is an events company based in San Francisco that is dedicated to redefining recruiting. Our events are run in a speed-dating format to ensure you can meet as many developers as possible to in the hour and a half given.

So how does it work?
Companies will be arranged in a rows and developers will line up in front of these rows. Developers will rotate from company to company in 5-minute intervals.

HackerX is now in 140+ cities globally and has expanded to more cities in Europe, South Africa, Asia etc. We’ve recently expanded in cities in Germany, Poland, Bulgaria, Hungary and Vietnam.

We’ve partnered with numerous companies such as Workday, SAP, Deloitte, Adyen, Zillow, TomTom and now have partnered with Luxoft to bring HackerX to Russia!

This will be our first ever HackerX event in Russia and we are excited to bring HackerX to Moscow and Saint Petersburg.

You don’t want to miss out:




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