ENGIE Energy Access is currently merging three different digital platforms into one unified platform. This platform needs to fulfill a wide range of business requirements like cost effective operation, high IT security and data protection standards. It needs to be high available, scalable and flexible enough to implement new services in a timely manner. It is the digital foundation for a sustainable business with social impact. A DevOps Engineer is key role to efficiently support the current operations and at the same time evolving the platform to the next level in order to fulfill the raising needs of a new market. This position is a great opportunity to constantly improve your personal skill set while working in an elite international team of engineers and business professionals.

Key Responsibilities

Making sure services are highly available
Implementing and documenting backup / disaster recovery plan
Cost effective integration of new infrastructure services to fulfill business requirements
Analyzing and resolving performance issues
Implementing modern security standards and management of information security
Redesign and support IoT framework using EMR, pyspark, Cassandra (or other appropriate tools) to monitor and interact with over one million devices in the field
Containerize models with Docker and Kubernetes to serve real-time information to applications and field teams
Design, monitor, and optimize Redshift data warehouse to support data analytics, modeling, archiving and data integrity
Work with data and software teams to develop logging and monitoring of critical data pipelines
Be on call and escalate resolve / production errors
Mentor data scientists and analysts on best coding practices through code reviews and discussions
Experience and skills required:


Two years of work experience as a DevOps Engineer or similar software engineering role
Experience building infrastructure to support streaming or offline data
Extensive programming experience in Python, Ruby or other relevant language
Strong focus on automation, visualization, and IT security
Problem-solving attitude
Experience with horizontal scaling of infrastructure services while maintaining high availability
Ability to gather requirements and communicate with stakeholders across data, software, and platform teams
Ability to develop a strategic vision for data pipelining and infrastructure
Experience with cloud technologies and Linux
Analyzing and performance tuning of SQL queries

Bachelors or Masters in a relevant engineering discipline (Software Engineering, Computer Science, etc)


Cloud serverless solutions and containerization/orchestration (AWS Lambda, Kubernetes, Docker, LXD)
Centralized logging and monitoring such (Prometheus, Zabbix, Graylog)
Cloud infrastructure services (AWS, Azure, Hetzner)
Infrastructure as code (Terraform, Ansible)
Database management systems, both sql and no sql based systems (MySQL, Amazon RDS/Redshift, PostgreSQL, Cassandra, MongoDB)
Scheduler (Airflow) and CI/CD pipelines (CircleCI, Gitlab)



ENGIE Energy Access is one of the leading Pay-As-You-Go (PAYGo) and mini-grids solutions provider in Africa, with a mission to deliver affordable, reliable and sustainable energy solutions and life-changing services with exceptional customer experience. The company is a result of the integration of Fenix International, ENGIE Mobisol and ENGIE PowerCorner; and develops innovative, offgrid solar solutions for homes, public services and businesses, enabling customers and distribution partners access to clean, affordable energy. The PAYGo solar home systems are financed through affordable installments from $0.19 per day and the minigrids foster economic development by enabling electrical productive use and triggering business opportunities for entrepreneurs in rural communities. With over 1,700 employees, operations in nine countries across Africa (Benin, Côte d’Ivoire, Kenya, Mozambique, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia), almost 1.5 million customers and over 7 million lives impacted so far, ENGIE Energy Access aims to remain the leading clean energy company, serving millions of customers across Africa by 2025.