Language Agnostic Developer

Working on new product innovation, the product engineer will work alongside technical SME’s to build new capabilities/products in a fast moving, fast failing, problem solving environment. Open Source is typically first port of call rather than last resort for us.

As a member of the team you will be exposed to working on innovative ux, huge amounts of data and infrastructure on a massive scale but you’ll be working with a team of experts in their industry looking to share their knowledge and develop individuals to further their careers. With weekly sessions to discuss industry topics and developments, it’s an environment that truly fosters successful personal and professional growth.

Responsibilities will include:

  • Collaboration with engineers across the innovation team to create technical designs, develop, test and solve complex problems that drive the solution from concept to product.
  • Contribute to our automated build, deploy and test processes for each solution
  • Work in an iterative manner that fits well with the development practices and pace within the team
  • Demo your work for colleagues and members of the business team
  • Conduct research on new and interesting technologies that help to progress our products and platforms

Minimum qualifications

  • Someone with a relevant Bachelor’s Degree & 2+ years of relevant experience (CompSci, MIS, Business)
  • 4-year college degree & 2+ years of relevant experience
  • High School Diploma & 4+ years of professional experience coding, developing and analyzing data