Company Description
GSoft is the independent software company behind a family of products focussing on distributed work and using the digital revolution to change the employee experience. Our goal is to make work simpler, kinder and faster. One software at a time.

Specifically, we help companies get the most out of Microsoft with ShareGate. We help managers grow their teams with Officevibe.

And we ensure every onboarding is a success with Softstart.

Every day, we find better ways to work.

Job Description
This position is specifically dedicated to our Innovation Lab.

What is our Innovation Lab?     

GSoft reached more than 100M$ ARR with ShareGate and Officevibe. The company is successful, but success never lasts if you do not build the next big things.

At the lab, we imagine and build the next generation of tools around the employee experience. The future of the company is in our hands.

What is cool about the lab:   

  • You can see the things you work on come to life almost immediately.
  • You can experiment freely with innovative ideas.
  • You can work on a product from the very beginning and watch it grow.

So, what will your new role actually look like? 

As a Full-stack Developer in the Innovation lab, you will help develop two to three new products per year. You’ll be responsible for:

  • Contribute as a leader in all aspects of product development from the ground up.
  • Participate in the technical choices that allow innovative products to stand out in the marketplace and achieve our ambitious goals.
  • Improve development practices for our products and MVPs to accelerate time to market;
  • Collaborate directly with the Designer and Product Owner.
  • Use the best and latest technologies, because we need to stay ahead in innovation.
  • Take any story in the backlog and implement it, taking into account the quality standards.
  • Find the right balance between quality, ROI, and fast-paced.
  • Participate during incident management.
  • Navigate in the application to identify issues.

What are the next challenges awaiting your team?   

  • Developing a new product that uses an AI engine and integrates with the world’s most used Saas (Slack, Teams, Zoom, Jira, Github, etc).
  • Developing innovative features for our new products.
  • Optimize a product we have been working on for 8 months to reach market-fit.

A typical week? 

  • Individual and collaborative development: 80%
  • Collaboration with the product team: 20%

All this on which technical stack? 

The architecture of the lab’s products is constantly evolving, with the goal of being reusable and always making it easier to start new projects. This architecture evolves over time and the team is always looking for new perspectives. Today, here is where it stands:

  • Our architecture is based on YAGNI (You Aren’t Gonna Need It), SOLID et KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid) principles.
  • Our back end is developed in C#  .NET Core and comprises a set of distributed systems hosted on the Azure Cloud.
  • The front end is developed in React, Typescript and TailwindCSS.
  • We work with MongoDB databases, since it is so versatile for our different projects.
  • DevOps is at the heart of all our projects as we use tools such as Azure DevOps, Git, Docker and Kubernetes.


Experience in all aspects of the development cycles of web/SaaS applications;
You are comfortable with at least one Cloud platform.
You have experience with DevOps practices.
You are comfortable with document databases.
You can work independently, are comfortable with technological exploration, questioning the status quo, and uncertainty;
You are interested in marketing SaaS (start-up mode).

Additional Information
At GSoft, we build together, we trust each other, and we support each other in success or failure. You will be able to express yourself, evolve and develop your creativity in an environment that will adapt to your daily life and your needs.

We strive to create a healthy and inclusive work environment. This is everyone’s business.

Our Candidate Experience Flow at GSoft :
Phone Screen – Virtual Interview using Microsoft Teams – Work Sample – Job Offer

We are looking forward to getting to know you!