• Assist in designing, developing, testing, maintaining and improving system
  • Participate in product planning management discussions for better understanding of the company’s products
  • User oriented when delivering features and developer oriented when delivering codes
  • Review code of each other to identify potential inefficient code
  • Self-manage and deliver features without hand holding


  • 2+ years experience. Mid to senior. Any programing languages.
  • Good problem solving skills with understanding of data structures and algorithms
  • Security and performance awareness
  • Familiarity with coding standards and best practices
  • Self-management and self-motivation
  • Good English for writing communication (in Slack, GitHub)


  • BS degree in Computer Science or equivalent
  • Experience with production troubleshooting, monitoring system, managing large production infrastructure
  • Experience with Linux, command line, scripting (Bash, Python)
  • Experience with our tech stack:Ruby, Rails, Sidekiq
  • CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • PostgreSQL, ElasticSearch
  • AWS services, e.g. EC2, EB, ES, S3
  • MongoDB, Redis
  • NodeJS, PHP, Python, Bash
  • Git, GitHub, GitHub flow
  • NewRelic, Kibana, Cloudwatch
  • CircleCI, GitHub Action
  • Familiarity with cutting-edge technologies, big data, or artificial intelligence algorithms
  • Have an investment mentality, and want to build for the long term
  • Great English, both verbal (meetings, social) and written (Slack, GitHub)