*We are looking for US-based candidates for this role.

πŸ‘‹ About Lovewick

We are romantics who want to help people who’ve found love, keep it. Though tech has become a powerful matchmaker (40% of straight and 65% of queer folks now meet a romantic partner online), people in relationships have higher expectations, more choices to navigate together, and less free time than ever before; when it comes to making love last, tech is not just underutilized, it’s often harmful.

Lovewick is “screen time” that’s actually good for your relationship. Our exploratory question game & community-powered couples’ ideas (dates, gestures, gifts, etc.) are designed to cultivate understanding, appreciation, and novelty whether you’ve been together 6 months or 16 years.

Our MVP couples app has attracted 100k+ users organically & 20M+ views on TikTok. Backed by incredible investors (including the former CEO of Match.com) and founded by a Stanford & Royal College of Art love nerd who did her Dissertation on designing products & services for modern love (Ali Maggioncalda), Lovewick is ready to build out our founding team and help millions of people grow & stay in love. Join us on this ride!

🀩 About your role

We’re seeking a product-minded founding engineer who will team up with the CEO to scope, execute, and iterate on the product with support from the contractors who built the current MVP. As the founding engineer you own the engineering function end-to-end: platform, product, and (as the engineering team grows) culture.

Tech stack: Ruby on Rails, React Native, AWS, Heroku, Firebase

πŸ”‘ Must-haves

  • TECH: Rails & PostgreSQL expertise. Our product is young and will change a ton, but we’ve got a strong foundation to work from. You have >3 years + hands-on experience when it comes to backend and database architecture, particularly for mobile.
  • TECH: Heroku & AWS experience. As more couples use the product and we expand outside the US, we’ll need to optimize and have a clear DevOps strategy to accommodate them β€” one viral TikTok, and the number of active users can 100x (several of our TikToks have 500k+ views)! It’s exciting but requires thoughtful handling.
  • PERSONAL: Quality-obsessed but can weigh pros & cons efficiently. You care deeply about quality, security, & performance and recognize how critical trust is with our couples but can also move fast, prioritize, and articulate technical trade-offs well.

✨ Nice-to-haves

  • TECH: React or React Native experience. You should be familiar enough to do code reviews of others’ work and understand implications of backend changes on frontend and vice versa.
  • PERSONAL: You love love. You care deeply about relationships. You take the time to understand our users and their core needs deeply, are curious about how and why they use the product, and question & synthesize user research insights with the founding team.

🀝 Why you should join us

  • Genuinely impactful work: the quality of our interpersonal relationships is more predictive of a long, happy life than social class, IQ, or genes (Harvard, 2017). You will be contributing directly to the wellbeing of (hopefully) millions of people.
  • Ownership & autonomy: As one of the first two full-time hires, you’ll play a massive role in defining the future of the product & company and have unparalleled agency over your work.
  • Remote-friendly with flexible working hours
  • Significant equity compensation

πŸ’Œ Excited by the opportunity? Here’s how to apply

Please fill out this brief applicant form that will help us get to know you better. You can share why you’re excited about the role and any supporting materials e.g. resume, portfolio through the form.

We look forward to hearing from you!