Lumen Energy is automating clean energy deployment.

To start, we’re making getting a fully-financed clean energy system for a commercial building as easy as applying for a credit card. The scope of the opportunity is massive: out of 6 million commercial buildings in the US which are responsible for 16% of all greenhouse gas emissions, most of which could save money with solar, fewer than 4% have solar systems today.

We make clean energy widely accessible by abstracting away the complexity of an underlying marketplace of installers, financiers and confusing electrical jargon. Our challenge is to parse massive datasets, deploy advanced models behind the scenes, pre-package financing, all so that we can deliver simple, delightful, and actionable offers to our customers.

Once the decision has been made to go solar, we support our customers with software tools that help manage the processes of securing financing, evaluating bids and selecting a contractor and finally, managing a live solar deployment.