Mapudo is the leading B2B metals marketplace in Germany. We write pragmatic but high-quality software that lets us transform this traditional industry.

What you’ll get

* A structured work environment that supports productive work (few interruptions, no “hijacking” of developers)
* Plenty of responsibilities from the start
* The chance to further improve your knowledge by working in a team of skilled developers
* A top of the line notebook (MacBook Pro or Dell Precision 5000 Series running Ubuntu)
* Height-adjustable desk and ergonomic chair
* Competitive compensation based on experience
* Common perks such as free coffee and tea, fresh fruit, soft drinks, free parking, direct access to subway & streetcar station as well as breakfast every two weeks
* A long-term career perspective at a thriving B2B company

What you’ll do

* Building and extending front-end and back-end components, including HTML and style templates
* Implementing automated tests (unit, functional, application-level)
* Assisting with platform software design with a focus on clean, pragmatic, and testable code
* Building data import, export and API integrations with 3rd party enterprise software
* Assisting the team in further refining all software-related processes to reduce iteration time

How we work

* We’re building Mapudo as a component-based platform on the proven Symfony PHP framework.
* We strongly rely on automated testing to quickly iterate components based on business needs while maintaining quality and delivery deadlines.
* Technologies we use:
** Backend: Symfony 3/4, PHP 7.2, MySQL, ElasticSearch, RabbitMQ
** Frontend: TypeScript, gulp, HTML5, SCSS, Bootstrap
** Infrastructure: Kubernetes, Docker, nginx, Ubuntu, Contentful