“The piano aint got no wrong notes” Thellonius Monk

Mr Monk is considered to be one of the most prominent and original jazz composers ever. He was an outstanding piano player who had a habit of, in the middle of a song, simply stop playing, stand up and start to dance, completely engulfed in what the other musicians were playing. After a while he would sit down back at the piano and continue to play and lead the band.

That is the type of leader that we are looking for right now in our front-end department. Someone who is known for eyebrow raising original creations and has the passion for development that makes you simply have to stop what you are doing from time to time to be engulfed in and enjoy what your team is doing. And someone who can recognize that the team “aint got no wrong players”.

Further traits that we are looking for, for this position:


You don’t give up when faced with problems that seem impossible to untangle
You have spent most of your life working with software development and engineering and consider yourself fluent in multiple programing languages & platforms
You don’t give up on your own ideas, even if others find them weird or too far out
You enjoy giving lectures and talks, both inside and outside the office
You are living in, or plan to relocate to, the greater copenhagen region


If the description above sounds somewhat like you, we urge you to send in your application.

What you will be doing

Playing for Skymill as a Tech Lead in Front End Development means that you will be involved in a few projects at the same time and have full responsibility and freedom when working with our clients, helping them create and maintain quality software. You will be doing this either by working at our clients location, adapting to the clients processes and requirements, or by creating your own requirements and processes working from our office in Malmö. You also need to have the ability to turn these requirements and processes into beautiful implementations. You also have to walk and support your team members and your customer through the entire development cycle, including presales and arranging workshops.

Most of all, you have to let the passion you have for producing quality software shine through in your everyday work. You will be working alongside some of the most brilliant developers on the scene at the moment, so you have to be able to let them shine as brightly as you do



Desired skills

To be able to fill the bill as Tech Lead for front end development, we believe that you have at least five years of real work life experience from the field, and you have to be at an expert level within one or many of the following areas or technologies:


React, Vue, Angular
UI/UX design
API Development
Test driven development
Cloud first development practices


In addition, we take for granted that you possess sufficient day-to-day knowledge of:


Relational and NoSQL databases
Version control in Git
CI/CD work flows
AWS and/or GCP
Open source methodologies


As tech lead, you also need the skills to guide, train and motivate your more junior team members and colleagues towards getting the same quality in their work as you get in yours. Occasionally, you are expected to attend software development events and host public sessions and workshops around your expertise. And of course, you have to be comfortable in the role of a consultant.


Our offer to you

Apart from working with one of the fastest growing, most flexible companies in the region, you will get a competitive salary and pension package, as well as 30 days paid vacation. Our different bonus systems is another perk that we think you will appreciate.

You will be working alongside lots of smart and talented developers, cloud architects and project managers with extensive experience from the industry, each being a master of their own instrument. Knowledge transfer and information sharing are some of our strongest bywords and we try to live up to this by making sure we get together at least once a week for cross reference groups, q&a´s and brainstorming sessions.

We also offer an extensive training and educational program to make sure that your competence and your skills are constantly kept at top level.

Outside the office we have recurring “jam-sessions” where having fun is the main objective. We often hang out at the office for a beer or two after work, keeping the fridge full at all times. So if you wanna give it a shot, send us your application!

Ps. If you are wondering about all the music references, please ask us at the interview.