As a member of the Teradata Data Science engineering group, you will work on the BYOM (Bring Your Own Model)
product designing and implementing functions that enable our customers to operationalize analytic models trained
in external tools by bringing them to our MPP platform for scoring production data stored in Vantage, at scale and
high performance. You will also collaborate with engineers, architects, product managers, and testing teams to
implement tools and other software that support distinct phases of the analytics lifecycle and facilitate the use of
Vantage analytics
• Investigate, design, and implement new BYOM functions that support models trained in popular external
tools and platforms to operationalize these models in Vantage.
• Work closely with the analytics engineering team to design and implement analytic tools and applications
that facilitate the use of Vantage analytics in the analytics lifecycle.
• Research, design, and implement features that facilitate the operationalization of analytic functions and
• Work with the QA team to develop tests and metrics to ensure the high quality of the BYOM functions,
analytic tools, and features.
• Work with the Performance testing team to characterize the performance, and scalability of the BYOM
• At least 3 years of experience developing industrial software in Java.
• Experience with relational databases and SQL.
• Experience with Python.
• Practical experience with Machine Learning generating models with ML libraries (e.g., Scikit-learn).
• Strong software engineering skills, including implementing best practices that produce maintainable and
high-quality code, including code style conformity, unit testing, and code reviews.
Preferred Requirements
• MS degree in Computer Science (or equivalent work experience)
• Practical experience with Machine Learning
• Experience with Test Driven Development
• Experience with CICD pipelines
What we offer you:
• Highly Competitive Mayor and Minor Medical, Dental, Vision, and Life Insurance