£60 – 100k + stock options

We’re looking for a full stack engineer to build beautiful & functional products from start-to-finish

About zeroheight 🖼

We’re building the world’s UX infrastructure and lowering the barrier to creating great user experiences by enabling any company in the world to have a sophisticated design system. We’re allowing companies to design and develop user experiences in a much more systematic way and deliver high quality UX 10x faster.

We’ve built a design system documentation product people love and thanks to this we’ve grown through word-of-mouth to 1500+ customers including multiple Fortune 100s. We’re the market leader in our category, grew our team by over 4x in 2021 and have the backing of world-class investors like Tribe Capital, Y Combinator and Adobe. But design system documentation is just the beginning… we’re now perfectly positioned to become the leader in DesignOps and transform how products are built. That’s why we expanded to the Bay Area in 2021 to fulfil our ambition of being a truly global company 🚀 🌎

What would you be doing?
We’re still small (9 engineers, 45 people total) so you’d be working on building all types of features alongside our designer and CPO. You’ll have start-to-finish ownership of the features which brings accountability but also an awesome sense of pride when users love your work. You’ll be involved in planning scope to ensure we deliver value to our users quickly.

Here are some examples of recent features to give a taste of what you could be working on:

  • a new JSON editor for defining shared design variables and an API to deliver them to developers
  • inviting people to view a design system using a “magic link”
  • adding support for file attachments (stored in S3)

You’ll also be included in some things that are outside the traditional “software engineering” domain. Things like helping with support queries, planning the product roadmap, project management for your features and discussing wider company processes. Joining now is great if you want to broaden your skills or you’d like to create your own startup at some point.

How is zeroheight different?
Here’s what we think zeroheight does differently compared to another job you might be considering:

  • a focus on QA and UX – we take UX quality seriously and make sure everything is excellent before we ship. This also means we have to be careful about scope-creep to ensure we have time to polish.
  • ownership – you’ll own a feature from start-to-finish. This means you have the freedom to choose how to build it and you’re responsible for the implementation and release.
  • everyone plans – we try and get everyone involved in planning and scoping features to prevent a top-down approach where engineers are just pumping out feature specs.
  • document ALL THE THINGS – we use Notion for our process documentation and try our hardest to answer every question with a link. This means we have a great knowledge-base that we’re constantly improving.
  • 10% time – we have a day set aside every 2 weeks to work on whatever you like.

Our tech stack
We use React to build any new UI components, paired with Storybook to work on them in isolation. We then integrate them into the main product. The bulk of the existing codebase is written in Marionette (Backbone.js) so we’re working on a smooth transition (instead of a massive rewrite).

On the backend, our main server is in Rails (Ruby). We host our database and cloud on AWS and use serverless functions (AWS Lambda) for a few things.

One word of warning – if you’re super passionate about a particular tech, our early-stage startup might not be the right place for you. We’re focused on getting things done and shipping an amazing product; we’ll use whatever tech helps us get there.

Are we a good match?
If these points mostly resonate, let’s have a chat:

  • You love creating beautiful UIs with precision and attention to detail; you understand how important design is to a successful product
  • You’re curious to learn about the design process and design systems.
  • You relish the excitement of an early-stage startup – you have a proactive attitude and a strong desire to succeed in a startup environment where you’ll need to be efficient and adaptable to change.
  • You’re looking for somewhere to grow – you want to get stuck in and have a real impact in the company’s future. You’re flexible and not afraid of taking on more responsibility as we grow.
  • You’re able to come to our London office at least once every two weeks

What we’re looking for
Required experience

  • At least 3 years working as a software engineer
  • Experience with modern JavaScript frameworks/ libraries such as React, Angular or Vue
  • Some experience with backend

Useful / Bonus experience

  • Ruby
  • AWS / Servers

How do we work?
We use Gitlab for the majority of our day-to-day work: tickets and pull requests. Instead of a traditional standup, we each write our plan for the day on Slack in the mornings. This gives greater flexibility over start time and allows people to read the updates in their own time. Hours are flexible – we have a recommended weekly total but the start / end time are up to you.

Each week we have a retrospective to take a critical look at how we can improve our processes. We also do weekly sprint planning to schedule our work.

The feature roadmap is planned quarterly by the whole team. We base it on a consolidation of the feedback from our users and our strategic plans.

Let’s make this happen!
zeroheight is entering a very exciting phase – our documentation tool is used by hundreds of teams around the world and we’re in a great place to build on that. Over the next few years, we’ll be creating the design system tools of the future and we’d love you to come along for the ride.

Here’s how it will work:

Submit your CV

  1. Hello 👋 (45m, video call)
  2. Product engineering exercise 🕸 (1h, video call)
  3. Coding ⌨️ (1h, video screen share)
  4. Meet with the founders🙌 (1h, video call)
  5. We make a decision quickly and let you know

That’s it. Now don’t be shy!