We are looking for a Tech Lead to steer our frontend development team. This is a highly collaborative position, from which we expect continuous communication with various other associates: team members, product owners, engineering managers and other technical leads. You will have the opportunity to work with highly skilled and motivated individuals, always ready to learn and develop as experts. You will also have support from the organization to create your own leadership style.

Your daily responsibilities will include:

  • Defining, advocating and implementing best practices and coding standards in the team
  • Ensuring the quality of team member output
  • Coordinating and motivating team members working on different projects
  • Monitoring their progress and performance and giving continuous feedback
  • Promoting collaboration between team members as well as frequent code reviews and peer feedback
  • Working on increasing the productivity of the team and reducing technical debt
  • Designing components and applications according to business requirements
  • Making architectural decisions in cooperation with the team
  • Participating in and supporting the technical Deep Dive process
  • Identifying and minimizing risks, including security risks
  • Giving guidance in solving issues and developing alternative solutions
  • Overseeing deployments and new releases
  • Enabling teams to perform tests for the entire system in a reliable, secure, and productive way
  • Cooperating with other Tech Leads, Product Owners and Engineering Managers
  • Staying up-to-date with new technologies and advancements and implementing necessary innovations
  • Working with management to ensure alignment with company goals

You are a perfect fit for this job if you have:

  • 3+ years of experience in software development
  • Programming experience with some of the modern JavaScript frameworks (preferably React and Vue) and for backend, experience with Node.js and Rust
  • Experience with agile methodologies
  • Strong leadership skills and experience in leading a development team
  • High standards of quality, with an ability to motivate product development teams to always strive for better
  • Strong communication skills and an ability to collaborate with cross-functional teams during product delivery
  • An analytical and problem-solving mindset and an understanding of the long-term impacts of technological solutions
  • A great sense of autonomy
  • Strong project management skills
  • Curiosity and passion for software development

Company culture:

The work environment is agile and creative. We promote teamwork, participation, and consensus, as well as individual initiative and freedom. Employees aren’t confined to their desks, they talk to each other, they engage in brainstorming, gathering ideas, and finding solutions together, and this environment has so far proved to be quite beneficial in terms of productivity.

Our glue is definitely the people – their passion to find solutions and ‘get it right’, their friendly and helpful attitude. The prevailing atmosphere is such that no one holds a grudge and everything is resolved by communication. The somewhat peculiar sense of humor is also something worth mentioning.

Challenges and solutions come from all sides, and we motivate people to speak up if they notice something’s ‘off’ and there is no strict hierarchy in that sense and this helps us build trust and respect, as well as resolve problems faster.

Since we are agile, changes are more than welcome, both small and big. There is no growth without change, which is why we don’t classify them as negative or positive – they are an integral part of the learning curve.

With everyone free to speak their mind, their implementation is not slow and strictly determined. There are, of course, guidelines to help but the main focus is to get something right and not dwell on irrelevant details.

We started as a group of tech-savvy enthusiasts and problem solvers. That has not changed; the only thing that has changed is that there are more of us over the years. We see the beauty in the fact that we have the opportunity to work on the latest technologies, learn, grow, and solve more exciting and more complex problems through our day-to-day tasks.

Our goal and motivation are unique digital products that come as the result of our work and persistence in constantly pushing our limits.