Picture the early nineties where everything that was done on a computer was new, unheard of, revolutionary even. Technological advancements went by leaps and bounds, and everyone scrambled to get their share of this exciting new market. It was during that very exhilarating time that Tangerine Software came to be and was built from the ground up as one of the best (ERP) Solutions providers around. We even collaborated to give life to an incredible BI solution called Nectari. Since then, Tangerine and Nectari have continued to grow, reaching International Software and Technology markets. What’s kept us at the forefront of their industry is the fact that we’ve always operated upon the same, single guiding principle. We walk side-by-side with each of our business partners, solution resellers, and of course teams, as we collaborate in continue moving towards unprecedented levels of success, and this, worldwide.

We did this by maintaining a warm familial environment, while always staying at the forefront of the industry, growing the team to nearly 80 astounding individuals. Each with their own unique set of skills and talents, growth, and development goals, all of which were taken seriously right from the start of their onboarding process.

Today, our Tangerine and Nectari family continues to expand, and we’d love to hear from you if, being part of something global, with a locally grown twang is something that feels right to you!

The position:

As a Full Stack Developer and member of our development team, you’re incredibly versatile and independent, you certainly don’t need us to hold your hand! This is your unique opportunity to act as a Full Stack developer within a very dynamic team. Your expansive creativity will allow you to strut your stuff as you slay a variety of stimulating and very motivating challenges.

Your days will be varied as you do research, analysis and system design for the realization of business intelligence (BI) solutions. You’ll be diving head-on in a world of research, analysis, and system design as you bring to life some of the most revolutionary features around in the business intelligence (BI) industry. You’ll thrive and grow in your role and abilities as you analyze projects, build web user interfaces, and write code that’ll create entirely new system features along with modifying and occasionally supporting existing ones.

You’ll need:

  • A solid 4 years of experience in software development
  • To have enjoyed at least 2 years of experience in web development (C#, ASP.NET Core)
  • To be quite fluent in your front-end web development skills which include but aren’t limited to HTML5, CSS and JavaScript languages or JavaScript framework like Angular, React or Vue.JS
  • Designing and Developing object-oriented solutions hold no secrets for you as you’ve been there and done that
  • Knowledge of Relational Databases and SQL language

With Tangerine Software you’ll enjoy:

  • A flexible 37.5 hours/week schedule
  • Ability to work in your comfy clothes from home, well, when the project allows for it of course
  • A comprehensive group insurance plan and retirement savings plan
  • Extra days off at Christmas!
  • Because our winters can get a little creative, enjoy free covered parking
  • All work and no play makes… well you know the rest, experience really fun social events. Archery anyone? How about a fun game of ax throwing or a food tour?
  • And when you need to change your perspective, you can always hang out in our Game room!

We’re also looking for:

  • Lead Cloud Developer
  • DevOps Specialist
  • Front-End Developer
  • Software Developer in Test

To see the full list of positions available with us, along with all the details, visit: www.linkedin.com/company/tangerinesoftware