Job Overview:
You will be a part of our engineering and development teams to integrate and develop solutions for
cloud and virtualized deployment of software as a service product. This will require understanding the
software system architecture function as well as performance and security requirements.
Essential Responsibilities:
In this role, you will:
 Work with Engineering Leadership and development team to translate scalability,
performance, reliability, and functional requirements to virtualized/cloud computing solutions
 Develop testing strategies and conduct tests to demonstrate viability of cloud deployment
 Administer and manage cloud multiple cloud computing clusters
 Support engineer and development teams with onboarding/deploying virtualized software
 Be required to write a docker file
 Create security group architecture
 Administer and support developer and user access to cloud resources
 Develop tools to monitor and report performance and security metrics for virtualized
 Participate in Agile software develop and deployment processes
 Communicate methods, findings, and hypotheses with stakeholders.
Basic Qualifications:
 Bachelor’s/Master’s Degree in Engineering OR Equivalent
 Experience in reading and understanding a docker file and creating a docker file
 Significant scripting or programming experience (Shell Script, Java, or Python)
 Experience working with CI/CD (e.g. Jenkins)
 Experience working with AWS, Azure, or Cloud Foundry
 Minimum experience of 3 years in Java Programming, of which at least six months to a year
of relevant work experience in DevOps. The rest could be in coding, preferably Java AND/OR