At Solid State AI we are developing an AI platform for semiconductor and aerospace manufacturers.

Solid State AI is on a mission to infuse creativity and scientific rigor into the design, development and deployment of AI software products. Our objective is to create a software that is not only user-friendly and intuitive but also adds significant value to our manufacturing customers. Our clients are builders of products you use every day and our solution empowers them to increase production while reducing cost. At the heart of our offering is AIMS – AI for Manufacturing Systems. We are in search for a new team member who not only understands the established principles of building a scalable cloud or on-premise AI application but is also prepared to challenge those norms. This mindset is crucial because our clients have stringent data and deployment requirements that demand innovative thinking.

We believe that to succeed one has to reason from fundamentals and think differently. AIMS, our AI software product, is built on this belief. Using AIMS our users can easily build, interpret and deploy AI models.

Our product has been developed by physicists and engineers with decades of experience in designing and manufacturing semiconductor devices, software engineers and machine learning scientists. Current product family consists of AIMS – AI for Manufacturing Systems. AIMS consists of two main components – Engineering and Economics. AIMS Engineering is designed for the process and tool engineer and using this they can increase the quantity and quality of products they make. AIMS Economics is designed with sales and operations in mind and predicts optimized production processes. The benefits are reduction in production delays and costs.

We’re looking for a Senior Python developer to join our team (company headquarters are in Toronto, Canada). You should think about joining us if you have passion for architecting software systems and writing highly maintainable code. Our product and business currently are undergoing significant growth. As a result, there’s plenty of opportunities to have a big impact on our success. In the next quarter, we aim to implement features such as multi-user support or large data processing, enabling us to reach more customers and fuel our expansion even further.

Your responsibilities:

  • Leading the design and implementation of new software components, ensuring high-quality, scalability, maintainable code and robust architecture
  • Developing automated testing strategies for new features
  • Benchmarking the system, identifying potential performance bottlenecks and proposing efficient solutions
  • Collaborating with cross-functionally to ensure the smooth integration of new features

Nice to have:

  • Experience with modern Python testing frameworks, such as Playwright
  • Interest in data analysis and machine learning
  • Previous experience with working at a small team or side projects that demonstrate autonomy and ability to work outside of your specialized area


  • 7 or more years of Python development experience, including popular frameworks and libraries such as Django, Flask, Pandas or Numpy
  • Experience with at least one of the major cloud infrastructure backends (AWS, GCP, Azure)
  • Fundamental understanding of devops concepts such as infrastructure as code, CI/CD, containerization technologies like Docker, Podman or Kubernetes, and modern build systems
  • Working knowledge of single page application frontend development frameworks (i.e. React, Angular or Vue)
  • Strong debugging and troubleshooting skills to quickly identify and fix issues